Bud Spencer And Terence Hill: Slaps And Beans Cheats Enable God Mode

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill – Slaps and Beans has turned into a niche success on Steam. The arcade-style, classic hand-animated pixelated graphics and old-school beat-e’m-up action managed to win over the Steam audience right proper. If, however, you’ve had a desire to goof around in the game and manipulate the contents in ways that it wasn’t originally intended to do so, there are some cheats available to help you out.

You can download a free version of the cheat trainer for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill – Slaps and Beans from over on the Megadev.info page.

The cheat trainer contains the following cheats:

  • Multiply New Points By 2
  • Multiply New Points By 5
  • Multiply New Points By 10
  • No Special Attacks
  • Unlimited Special Attacks
  • Low Health
  • God Mode

The two most important cheats are obviously going to be the god mode and the unlimited special attacks. Those two will allow you to simultaneously avoid taking any damage whatsoever while also being able to dispose of enemies with an unlimited array of special attacks.

The highlight of the game is that it’s a nice throwback to those old-school arcade games where you just kind of have a blast by teaming up with your buddy and beating the crap out of everybody who gets in your way. You’ll journey through the story in a cooperative or single-player side-scrolling adventure, competing in mini-games such as racing the red dune buggy, driving through a crowded street, and using a variety of environmental objects as you slap, punch, kick and throw baddies around the stages.

Developer Trinity Team spent some time honing the precision gameplay mechanics and improving the overall playability before releasing it to the general public. It was one of the few games that only spent a short time in Early Access before launching in full.

Gamers are loving their time with it and you can dive into the action right now if you’re curious enough to play the beat-’em-up for only $19.99 over on the Steam store.

Mr. Cheater

A cheater at heart, Mr. Cheater prefers games that allow you to bypass the the normal way of playing a game and enjoy the pleasures and entertainment that comes with breaking, modifying, and cracking games so that you can do what was never intended for you to do.

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