Destiny Crota’s End Raid Cheats

Bungie’s latest patch for Destiny removes the ability to deactivate the Thrall in the Crota’s End raid… or so they thought. There’s a quick, exploitable cheat/glitch for Xbox and PlayStation gamers to deactivate or de-spawn the Thrall and finish Crota’s End with ease. A few simple steps just need to be followed for the Warlock, Hunter and Titan.

Coconut Bra Gaming has a five minute video detailing how to get through Destiny’s Crota’s End raid following the patch on January 20th that fixed some of the exploits gamers were using to get through Crota’s End, as noted on PlayStation Lifestyle.

You can check out the cheat below, which works for Warlocks, Hunters and Titans.

If you need a quick rundown of the video without actually watching all of it, it’s pretty simple.

  • For Warlocks and Hunters, just follow the steps below:
  • After you start forming the bridge to the spire, move to the left of the Sword Bearer’s spawn.
  • You’ll need to double jump to the rock surface and continually double/triple jump up the rock to get to the top of the rock
  • From there, double jump over to the spire and then smash up against the wall and triple-jump up the side to get to the very top.
  • For a Warlock, you’ll need to double-jump, glide and double-jump again to get to the top.
  • If you double-jump while at the top of the spire it’ll de-spawn the Thrall. It’s basically a level-of-distance trigger – players moving so far out of a specified zone that the enemies are removed from memory to keep the game from slowing down. Only, it’s doing so based on the distance you achieve from the height of the spire. It’s a clever trick if I must say so myself.

The only thing I don’t understand is why Bungie didn’t make it where every time you get back within the designated play zone, it checks if any Thrall are active and if it returns a false flag, then it triggers the spawn for the Thrall again.

For Titans, you just move all the way around to the back of the spire, and do a jump up into a ‘V’-shaped crack in the mountain surface. Proceed to do another double-jump and glide up to the top of the mountain and onto the spire.

For the Titan and Warlock you use the glide skill, for Hunter you use triple-jump. It’s that easy.

Once the Thrall are all deactivated you just kill the Ogres and win the raid and go back to repeating and grinding out one of the most repetitive and boring shooters I’ve ever played.

Destiny is available right now for the old-gen and current-gen consoles. Sorry, no PC port… apparently the Glorious PC Master Race are more concerned with games that aren’t recycling gameplay from 2001 with 2007 graphics.

[Update:] Also, if you’re having trouble getting past the lamps, especially with a Titan, just use the video below to help you out. You’ll need the Lightweight Perk, Murmur and Titan Codex II and VI perks, according to YouTuber Carlos the Spicyweiner.

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