Evenicle Cheats Enable Infinite Money, Unlimited HP

Alicesoft and MangaGamer’s Steam release of Evenicle happened just recently on Steam. The game features a mixture of hardcore role-playing mechanics and hardcore sex scenes. It’s the perfect combination that will make gamers absolutely heated in more ways than one. The new cheats allow you to set your HP, modify your magic, and capture infinite amounts of cash.

You can grab the premium trainer right now from over on the Cheat Happens website.

  • Set Level
  • Set HP
  • Set Attack
  • Set Magic
  • Set Defense
  • Set Speed
  • Set XP
  • Set Attack and Defense Percentages
  • Set Skill Points
  • Set Money

Each of the cheats allow you to capitalize on the ability to buffer your party, make your team as strong as possible, and completely avoid taking damage, or lose out on your magic, or buff up your XP. The cheats offer you the kind of options and viability to play the game the way you want, so if you want to only modify your character’s speed, you can do that, or if you want to focus only on buffing your defenses.

Evenicle isn’t a game for everyone, though. It’s an H-game at its core despite the fact that it’s also a classic role-playing game.

Unlike a lot of other H-games, though, you will have a full 3D overworld to explore, along with a lot of enemies to encounter as you battle monster-girls and fighting through dungeons.

The story centers around a young lad who wants to become a knight because there’s a rule handed down by Mother Eve, who dictated that humans can only have one sexual partner and they must not kill another human. The hero, Asterisk, still wants the mother’s blessings but he also wants to bang as many women as possible, so he sets out to become a holy knight, who can marry as many women as they want. Thus begins the player’s journey into a world of debauchery and a whole lot of sexy anime chicks getting banged. You can learn more about Evenicle by checking out the Steam store page.

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