Football Manager 2019 Cheats Enable Infinite Money

Sports Interactive and Sega’s Football Manager 2019 is already receiving a lot of positive feedback over on the Steam store ahead of its official release. The game is available for pre-purchase for $49.99, but you can get it at a 10% off discount ahead of its November 2nd launch date on PC. For gamers who want to be ripe and ready to breeze through the game once it does become available, there is a free and premium cheat trainer available that you can get your hands on right now.

You can download the cheat trainer from over on

The trainer contains the following options:

  • Transfer budget 50,000,000
  • Transfer budget 500,000,000
  • Transfer budget 1,500,000,000
  • Wage budget 50,000,000
  • Prepare for player
  • Player: Full match sharpness
  • Player: Full fitness / condition
  • Player: Full morale / happiness
  • Player: Right-footed
  • Player: Left-footed
  • Club balance 1,000,000,000
  • Player: Two-footed
  • Perfect squad

Each of these cheats will give you the necessary leg up over the competition, whether it be having enough money to make transfers to buff up your team, or a club balance so that you can bring in the best trainers, coaches, and support staff in order to build your team into a powerhouse worthy of wining the FIFA championship.

The game itself has seen major overhauls to the way the training systems work, the graphics have been updated with what the developers are calling a “re-energised look”. They’ve also made improvements to the goal-line technology, the agent feedback, transfer negotiations, and more.

There are also brand new Steam achievements to unlock and the inclusion of the Bundesliga license, which features 36 teams from Bundesliga with the full kits, logos, and more. An all new manager induction tutorial has been implemented as well to make learning the game easier and more streamlined. You can look for the full version of Football Manager 2019 to launch on November 2nd, 2018 exclusively for PC.

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