NBA 2K16 Unlimited VC Cheat

2K Games is playing patch-the-glitch in NBA 2K16 for home consoles and PC just like Rockstar Games is playing patch-the-glitch in GTA V for home consoles and PC. Well, the perpetual cat and mouse game continues, as another new unlimited virtual currency glitch was discovered for NBA 2K16 after 2K Games patched out the previous glitch. The latest cheat opens up an opportunity for players to cheat their way into making infinite amounts of virtual money in the basketball sports title.

First up, go to the gameplay settings and put the difficulty on “Rookie” and the game style should be on “Casual”. The quarter length should be set for six minutes. The game speed should be set to “100”.

The objective is just to play to your character’s strengths. If they’re good at rebounding, rebound. If they’re good at three-pointers, then shoot from behind the line. Just make sure you stay 10 points up over the opposition at all times. It’s explained in the 10 minute video below from YouTuber Jimi Hundros.

According to Jimi Hundros, you’ll want to get fouled out of the first quarter by getting two fouls. This will cut down the time of quarter by two minutes. Pick up another foul at the start of the second quarter and then finish playing the second quarter with a good teammate grade to get the points.

At the end of the second quarter – and at the start of the third quarter – it should provide you with an option to ask out of the game. If the option is present click “Yes”. If the option is not present then go into the options menu when you pause the game and click the option to simulate the game. It should ask “Are you sure?” and once you press “Yes” you have to quickly re-enter the pause menu and click on the “Ask out” button to exit from the current game and get your VC.

Some users have had difficulty with that last part and it can be tricky to do, but if you do it correctly you can earn thousands of virtual currency in a very short amount of time.

Based on the settings and the length of the quarter you’ll earn 1,000 VC each time around, so long as you’re at least up by 10 points.

You’ll get quite a bit of virtual currency, but it can take a max of four to five minutes in total if you use the fouling tactic. According to Jimi Hundros if you’re doing a B+ or better in terms of team rating then you’re going to get 1,000 currency points. If you get A+ on a higher difficulty setting you can get up to 1,600 VC.

There’s also a second method provided by SSO Royal, which you can view below.

Playing on the Hall of Fame difficulty will significantly increase the amount of VC you earn using this little glitch. According to Jimi, 2K Games patched out the last glitch that NBA 2K16 players were using to earn some free VC by doing as little as possible. Don’t expect this current glitch to last long. Even still it’s a good way to gain near infinite amounts of VC.

NBA 2K16 is currently available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. If you don’t feel like using a cheat trainer on PC or risking getting any kind of online bans, this little method for earning VC really fast might help you out a bit.

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