New Division Glitch Allows For Massive DPS Damage And Money Rewards

There are two game breaking glitches in Tom Clancy’s The Division that literally makes a player a DPS dealing monster, and rewards infinite amounts of credits. You will be able to do this glitch with just about anything that has Talents on it, by swapping back and forth on an item until the exploit or glitch starts to work. It currently works now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

You best hurry if you want to hoard a nice pile of cash or any other type of thing you are lacking before Ubisoft patches this new glitch (or drops a banhammer on you for exploiting the glitches they didn’t fix). You will be able to use it by switching back and forth really fast on two items (equipment or weapons) that have Talents on them.

In the case of YouTuber EMK HD, he switches between two items that increase his DPS to another level. He uses a weapon that has the Talent Competent, which increases the damage dealt on to enemies by 10% for 10 seconds after using a skill (which is a direct copy from Warframe’s Operation Shadow Debt mod set).

Then we also have the glitch team themselves, TritanArmy. In their video he’s using knee pads that grant him more credits on headshot kills with the Talents Prosperous and Perceptive. As seen in the picture above and in the video below, a load of credits flood the screen on kills. You can check out both their videos showing how to do the glitches, which might be patched very soon.

The glitch or exploit works with any weapon or item that uses Talents that either stack or grant bonuses to your character. This brings up a significant list of potential Talents to utilize to your advantage. If you are considering using this glitch it’s been noted that they are banning players for it, but the developer or community manager is said to be using it too, bringing attention to it as noted below by TritanArmy…

“So we have been told that the Community Manager Hamish has been caught exploiting the division. We hope that really isn’t the case but if so then we should all be fine and never get banned for any glitch in the game.”

As of now, the glitch is still active and kicking for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you want to take this glitch for a spin, use it quickly on The Division before Ubisoft and Massive put an end to it.

Mr. Cheater

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