No Man’s Sky Cheat Lets You Deal More Damage And Move Faster

There seems to be even more glitches in the world of No Man’s Sky than what you may have originally expected. Except some of these glitches just aren’t your typical falling through the floor types. For instance, these two new glitches grant double damage and increase movement speed. No Man’s Sky is out now for PS4, and will soon be out for PC on August 12th.

Those out and about on their universal exploration encountering strange creatures and planets might have crossed some dangerous sentinels scanners, or untamed beasts that lurk about. Sometimes even with upgraded equipment, the damage output may not be up to a standard, and doesn’t contain the stomping power that is desired.

Never fear, there is a new glitch that not only kills any enemy quicker but dishes out double damage. As of course, this works with a lot of weapons and can be done in mere seconds, if the user masters the arts of glitching.

In the video below, by Guiding Light, he shows how to deal extra damage with any weapon, which is pretty helpful. I should note that for those who have a configured control scheme, simply switch from your mining-beam while firing and to another weapon to do more damage.

The next video shows how to do what is now dubbed as the “G-Slide”. This slide helps you move faster, which is actually done in the beginning of the above video. This glitch is very simple and only calls for you to melee the air (or counterpart), and then use your jet-pack.

After doing those two steps (melee and then jet-pack right afterwards) you’ll move a lot faster. I should note that if you do this on uneven terrain it is likely that you will hurt yourself. Anyways, you can check the No Man’s Sky video out below, thanks to Greenskull.

No Man’s Sky is out now for PS4, and is set to drop for PC on August 12th.

(Main image courtesy of Jolt)

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