Robocop vs Terminator Cheats Give You Infinite Lives, Level Skip

One of the most talked about games back during the 1990s was Virgin Interactive and Interplay Entertainment’s Robocop Versus The Terminator. The game is a prime example of the originality and uniqueness that flowed through the 90s, where off-the-wall concepts became reality, and gamers were never starved for original content.

For those of you checking the game out via emulation, you can actually make use of some cheats thanks to the Game Genie or through the old-school password method.

The most important code you can use and an essential gameplay experience is the Blood Code. At the title screen, simply input the following button sequence:

C, B, A, B, B, C, B, B, C, B, B, C, C, B, C, B, C, A, C, C, A, A, A, B, B, B, A, C, A

If you’re using an emulator that supports the Game Genie, you can input the codes below from over on to activate the corresponding cheat.

1 A4MB-TA6C Invincibility
2 AEGB-TAD4 + AEJB-TAFL Start with life at near 0
3 CAGB-TAD4 + CAJB-TAFL Start with life at 1/4 full
4 EAGB-TAD4 + EAJB-TAFL Start with life at 1/2 full
5 GAGB-TAD4 + GAJB-TAFL Start with life at 3/4 full
6 TAGB-TAD4 + TAJB-TAFL Start with life at 2x full
7 RHEV-R60A Infinite lives
8 ACLB-TAC8 Start with 1 life
9 ALLB-TAC8 Start with 3 lives
10 BLLB-TAC8 Start with 11 lives
11 HWLB-TAC8 Start with 61 lives
12 NRLB-TAC8 Start with 100 lives
13 RGAV-T6TR Each Robocop head worth 0 extra lives
14 ACAV-VJTR Each Robocop head worth 2 extra lives
15 ACAV-VTTR Each Robocop head worth 4 extra lives
16 ACAV-VATR Each Robocop head worth 8 extra lives
17 AC4V-RABR Start with 0 continues
18 AG4V-RABR Start with 1 continues
19 A04V-RABR Start with 5 continues
20 BG4V-RABR Start with 9 continues
21 A4RB-TA20 Infinite continues
22 AD8B-S16J Super jump
23 AD8B-SV6J Mega-jump
24 AJ5B-TA32 Enemies killed with 1 shot, except boss
25 DLLB-TA3N Don’t lose special weapons when you die

Those are all pretty much the exact kind of codes that you would likely find today over on Cheat Happens or the Mr. Antifun forums.

There are also additional level password cheats as well, as outlined over on Neoseeker.

Input the following codes to access the corresponding levels:

  1. Future Level: TPST
  2. Inner Sanctum: SKNN
  3. Robot Killer: BSHK
  4. Self Destruction Level: RNTM
  5. Skynet Core CPU: MWFX
  6. Skynet Inner Perimeter: SKMD
  7. Skynet Outer Perimeter Level: SKTR
  8. Spaceship Level: HKFL
  9. Storage Facility Level: DRFT
  10. Ending Password: FNSH
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