Slime Rancher Cheats Enable Super Jump, Infinite Health

The full version of Slime Rancher (v1.0.0) is now live, which means folks who have Xbox Live Gold will be able to try it for free. What does this mean? It means that a lot of newcomers will be playing the game both on Xbox One and PC, and hopefully this guide will help out newcomers and those looking for cheats when playing Slime Ranchers.

Notice: If you happen to be confused, the Xbox One and PC guides share much of the same information pertaining to Slime Rancher . However, seeing that the PC version of said game accepts cheats, the Xbox One version will be excluded of cheats seeing that it is not applicable.

For starters, newcomers who have the console version (Xbox One) will be able to learn 10 tips and tricks via a video guide to get better at Slime Rancher. Accompanying said video guide comes a list of information detailing each Slime and what to look out for, as seen below:

Docile Slimes

Harmful Slimes

Hostile Slimes

Special Slimes

Scrapped Slimes

Upcoming Slimes

For more information on Slime Rancher’s food/supplies or gameplay mechanics you can hit its official fan Wikia page. This now leads us to the somewhat old 10 tips and tricks video guide by Skylab-Gaming, which still works well with version 1.0.0.

Next up comes the part for PC players who are looking for a quick way to have fun while gaining an edge much quicker in Slime Rancher. The recently updated cheats for Slime Rancher includes the following:

  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Energy
  • Infinite Rads
  • Change Currency
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Super Speed
  • Super Jump
  • +4 Editor

The free and updated cheats can be looked over or downloaded by hitting up

Slime Rancher is out now for PC via Steam and Xbox One.

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