Super Mario Odyssey Cheats Let You Get Fast Moons, Coins

Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey may have come out back in 2017, but some intrepid gamers managed to find some useful glitches to attain some fast moons and some quick coins in the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

YouTuber BeardBear has a quick four minute video explaining how you get 999 moons and 999 coins really fast, which you can check out below.

When you unlock Bowser’s Kingdom, travel there and proceed to Beneath the Keep.

You can use the map to warp to beneath the keep, and then head back and run across the rooftops and lead down to where the red spiked turtle shells are located. Take the seed and plant it to access a bonus challenge.

Be sure to jump on the plant as it grows out of the ground to warp to the cloud stage.

Simply run forward and jump to grab all the coins.

You can then run back and get the seed and plant it again to warp back to the cloud stage and gather even more coins.

You can rinse and repeat this process to gain access to 999 coins.

Once you get enough coins, head to the shop and you can actually buy the moons from the shop for 100 coins.

You can keep rinsing and repeating the process of gaining coins from planting the seed, and then going to the shop and buying a bunch of moons from the shop.

It’s a really easy method for gaining coins and moons within Super Mario Odyssey once you get to Bowser’s Kingdom. This is assuming that you’ve been having a difficult time gaining moons or gathering coins to purchase items from the shop or progress through the game past that point.

If you find yourself having difficulty progressing past the point of Bowser’s Kingdom, simply be sure to make use of the seed exploit to cheat your way past the moon-gathering.

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