WWE 2K19: Guide Teaches You How To Play

Yukes and 2K Games released WWE 2K19 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game features all new moves, new playable wrestlers, more customization features, improved graphics and more content than WWE 2K18. The game also introduces different fighting styles and sub-styles that you can use to outfit your character with.

The styles each have their own stat preferences that will give you an edge during a match. There are Technicians, Powerhouses, Cruiserweights, Strikers and Giants.

WWE 2K19 Style Guide

The different styles also provide you with different proficiencies in different areas. So powerhouse characters will get buffs in pulling off power moves and being defensive against power moves, while technicians will receive buffs both in offense and defense when it comes to submissions. Cruiserweights will receive bonuses for pulling off and defending against (or reversing) high-flying moves, while giants will be impervious to smaller attacks and will receive buffs in lifts, suplexes, and powerbombs. If you’re a striker (or play one of the members of the roster who is a striker) you will receive bonuses in defending against fist strikes, kicks, and knees, while also receiving stat buffs in delivering punches, kicks, knees, and running strikes.

You can perform basic strikes by pressing ‘Square’ on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller. Hold down Square/X to perform strong strikes.

You can perform different grapple moves by pressing X on the DualShock or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller and then pressing the different directions on the left analog stick with the grapple to execute different moves.

WWE 2K17 - Controls

Hold down the ‘X’ button on the Dualshock or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller to perform strong grapple moves.

You can Irish whip opponents into the ropes or the post or into objects by tapping Circle on the DualShock or ‘B’ on the Xbox controller. Hold down Circle or ‘B’ to perform a strong Irish whip to do more damage or slingshot them off the corner turnbuckles.

You can run around the ring or toward the turnbuckle by holding down the left trigger on the Xbox controller or R2 on the DualShock.

You can also manually climb the turnbuckle, climb out onto the apron, or roll out of the ring by pressing the L1 button on the Dualshock or the left bumper on the Xbox One controller. You can also use the left bumper to pick up objects or grab items from underneath the ring apron.

When an opponent is down on the ground you can press the right bumper + ‘X’ on the DualShock to target a limb with a grapple or strike maneuver.

WWE 2K19 Taunts

How To Taunt

During a match, your main goal will likely be to build up your meter so you can stock a finishing move and then use it on an opponent to finish the bout and win the match. To do a crowd taunt press left on the digital pad. Crowd taunts will raise your moment so you can build up toward a finisher quicker.

Alternatively, there are opponent taunts, which can be performed by pressing right on the digital pad. Opponent taunts directly taunt your opponent and will increase the damage of your attacks briefly.

Last but now least is wake-up taunts. You can perform a wake-up taunt by pressing up on the digital pad. A wake-up taunt will force a downed opponent to stand up while groggy, enabling you to perform a signature move or finisher on them.

WWE 2K19 Carry Guide

How To Carry

You can pick up and carry opponents in WWE 2K19 on the Xbox One or PS4 holding down the right bumper (or R1) on the Xbox One or PS4 controller. You can also change the position of the carry hold by pushing up, down, left, or right on the right analog stick.

You can also interrupt your own grappling moves by holding down R1 to pick up and carry opponents while using the right analog to modify the position in which you carry them.

WWE 2K19 Reversals

How To Block and Reverse

You can block incoming attacks by pressing the right trigger on the Xbox One controller or R2 on the PS4’s DualShock. Blocking incoming attacks prevents your character from receiving damage and can also help shift the momentum in your favor.

You can also reverse moves by pressing the right trigger at just the right time when an opponent is striking or about to perform a move. Reversing a move will also allow you to launch a counter-attack or counter-grapple move, which will be determined by your fighting style.

WWE 2K19 How To Pin

How To Pin

You can pin a downed opponent by going over to the side of their body and tapping the ‘Circle’ button on the DualShock. On the Xbox One controller you can tap the ‘B’ button when you’re next to a downed opponent.

You can cancel a pin attempt by quickly tapping the left bumper on the Xbox One controller or L1 on the DualShock 4.

If you’re being pinned then your objective is to escape from the pin attempt by pressing the ‘X’ button on the DualShock or ‘A’ button on the Xbox controller at the right moment when the dial is in the highlighted area. The more life your character loses the smaller the highlighted area becomes, making it more difficult to kick-out after the ref hits the mat. In your attributes menu, if you raise your proficiencies in “Pin Escape” you’ll have better chances of escaping pin attempts by having a larger highlighted area to successful escape the pin.

How To Perform A Signature Move

When your has built up enough momentum they will gain access to a signature move, which is a devastating move that a character can perform to greatly weaken their opponent. Your signature move availability will be highlighted by a glowing white ‘S’ at the bottom of your player tab. If it’s highlighted in white, you can then pick up a groggy opponent and perform your signature when standing in the right area by pressing Triangle on the DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox One controller.

Different signatures will require you to be in different areas. So if it’s from behind you’ll have to get behind your opponent while they’re groggy to perform the signature. If it’s from the turnbuckle then you’ll have to get up top while your opponent is on the mat. If it’s from the corner, then you’ll need to Irish whip your opponent into the corner before performing the move.

How To Perform A Finishing Move

Charged finishers can be performed in the same way as signature moves. Simply wait for the indicator on the player HUD to become highlighted to let you know that you have a finisher and then you can use it on an opponent at any time when you’re in the right area.

Using a charged finisher simply requires you to press Triangle on the DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller once the indicator is available on screen. Sometimes you can link your finisher into an automatic pin by tapping Circle or ‘B’ while the move is being performed, which will make your character automatically transition into the pin position.

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