Xenoblade Chronicles X Infinite Money Cheat

For gamers who decided to jump into Monolith Soft’s open-world JRPG, Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U, some of them are having trouble making easy cash. Well, there’s a fix for that… or maybe even what you might call a cheat.

As the game progresses earning money gets harder and buying and upgrading Skell parts gets more expensive. Well, there’s a couple of methods to make infinite amounts of easy money in Xenoblade Chronicles X to avoid having to grind out credits from linking resources and doing all that hard digital work.

So first up, head to the Nopon Braidbridge in Noctilum. You’ll need to use the bridge to get to site F.N. 224 through Rockmole’s Burrow, a cave site. You can get there by taking the left route on the Nopon Braidbridge.

When you get inside, place a data probe down at the resource checkpoint. You can use it as a respawn point. Basically you can collect all the shards in the area, reload at the data probe and collect the shards all over again. You can see how to get there and what to do in the video below from SuperMetalDave64.

According to SuperMetalDave64, as you collect all the blue shards on the ground they’ll first give you items in your inventory. But as you can see in the video, the more you collect the more they turn into credits. Eventually, all the shards in the area will give you tons of credits. It’s like a free money zone.

This works especially well for players who are not in a Skell because the high-level enemies won’t attack players in their human form as long as they don’t enter the Skell.

However, it’s faster if you do use a Skell. Since they can turn kind of slow at times, you can turn the camera in the direction you want to go in and double-click the analog stick to turn into a vehicle form. This will instantly turn the Skell in the direction you want to face without having to wait for it to turn.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Cheat

According to SuperMetalDave64 he notes that you need to move fast as a Skell when grabbing the shards to avoid getting attacked from the high-level monsters. One hit can kill you if you’re a low-level.

You can grab a bunch of shards and then reload at the checkpoint in the cave to rinse and repeat. After a few minutes you can accrue up to several hundred thousand credits using this little method.

Is it a standard cheat device? No, not really. Is it as good as the Fallout 4 money glitches? Nope. Is it as effective as the GTA V infinite money exploits? A little bit. Is it still a good way to make money? Sure.

There’s also a second spot for making infinite money in Xenoblade Chronicles X in Oblivia. It’s down a cliff behind a flipped over car. There’s a small cave just off the beach with a bunch of blue shards inside. The Skell can’t fit so you’ll have to go on foot. You can see where the exact location is in the video below.

As you can see, you don’t make as much money as the one in Noctilum, but a lot of people prefer it since it’s safer. It takes a little longer to collect millions of credits given that you can’t collect shards as quickly since you can’t bring the Skell inside. Even still, you can just collect the shards, warp back to the Skell and then rinse and repeat.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is available right now, exclusively for the Wii U.

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